The Family

The surname Carra is classified as one with a professional origin and derives from the Latin "carrarius" (driver of cars).

One of the first mentions of the Carra surname is the documentation of the brothers Antônio, Bartolomeu and Giovani Maria Carra, who obtained citizenship in Parma in December 1648, becoming one of the most influential families in the city.

In 1695 Duke Francesco Farnese confirmed his nobility. The Carra Family had many artists among its members in the following centuries, including sculptors, painters and architects. Arriving in a period of Italian immigration, Domenico Carra settled first in Monte Alegre do Sul, then in Amparo and finally in Serra Negra in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

Today the Carra Family is in its 5th generation and owns the Bom Retiro site, where its winery is located and where it is possible to get to know its line of hand-produced products. Come and discover the tradition of this family, which is dedicated to its passion for the preparation of artisanal drinks derived from grapes and sugar cane which excel due to their quality and exclusivity. The products follow the highest traditions of quality carried down through the generations.