Our Products

Our winery is housed in preserved rustic facilities, dating from the early nineteenth century. Our drinks are produced with techniques developed through the 5 generations of the Carra Family and brought from Italy in the period of immigration.

Mainly in order to maintain the production in an artisanal way using the best inputs among them, we use the best grapes produced, which are brought from our vineyards in Rio Grande do Sul.

When you visit our winery located on the Bom Retiro site in the tourist town of Serra Negra, which is part of the Águas Paulista Circuit, you will find our handmade products, including:

Artisanal Wines

  • Red and Dry Wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bordô, Tannat)
  • White Wines (Lorraine, Moscatel) - Rosé Wines
  • Port Type
  • Sparkling Wines

Artisanal Cachaças

  • Silver Cachaças
  • Gold Cachaça
  • Cachaças Aged 20 years - Blue Cachaça
  • Cachaça Adamada
  • Caninha (Saccharum Officinarum)